‘Tag Your It’ Prophet Todd Hall (The Beverly Hillbillies)

Prophet Hall talkin about the Hillbillies. Watch all of it, you’ll be blessed Dr. Todd M. Hall is the eldest of nine siblings, born in Brooklyn, New York to a legacy of preachers of the Gospel, including his father, mother and grandparents. Overcoming the lure of the streets to accept his call to ministry has brought this man of God to a number of crossroads. Choosing ministry over fame and fortune has brought him and those who receive his message of purpose in Christ, greater riches. Dr. Hall is the Founder and Overseer of Shabach Christian Church in Orlando, Florida. He has over 22 years of practical experience as a community leader and youth advocate, which he has used to establish Dove Inner City Ministries outreach to focus on the needs, pressures and concerns of youth. Dr. Hall teaches on real life experiences and biblical principles in a common language understood by youth to persuade them to give their life to Christ. Not only does Dr. Hall reach the youth, but he bridges the gap between the young and the old with one of his most powerful sermons to-date based on his book entitled “Put Your Mouth On It!”. Dr. Hall is internationally recognized as the “Praiseologistâ„¢” for his wisdom on the application of Praise and Worship and his remarkable skill to locate Praise throughout the entire Bible. One of Dr. Hall’s most notable strong suits, is his ability to combine biblical truths and his understanding that the purpose of mans creation is to Praise, and Worship was

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25 Responses to ‘Tag Your It’ Prophet Todd Hall (The Beverly Hillbillies)

  1. quantafunk says:

    I know why the beverly hillbillies didnt buy that new car. They were JEWS!

  2. kevio01 says:

    Scripture? Where is this referenced in the Bible? When God blesses he blesses indeed. He blesses so much that you DO CHANGE! Remember Joseph? He was so blessed by God that when his own brothers came to see him in Egypt that they didn’t recognize him. Or the blind man who Jesus gave sight. When he went to testify of his blessing, the jewish leaders asked who is this man? Even though they knew him before his blessing when they passed by him everyday whn he was a blind beggar in the streets

  3. TheChurchBoy777 says:


  4. 82nosey says:

    @wesaved101 I recently saw Todd Hall and let me tell you. He said some things that have infact came to pass!!! Im not kidding nor am I trying to start a rival but yes these things have came to PASS!!! In my life, I cant speak for anyone else!!!

  5. mahboy08 says:

    Where does the Bible say that there won’t be any more prophets? In the New Testament that will ordain some; prophets, teachers, preachers, etc. I don’t know where people are getting their information from. The world needs prophets, but the devil is putting so many false prophets out there that people no longer believe those that actually hear God.

  6. wesaved101 says:

    Todd is good but its just entertainment like most of them..The bible teach us there are no more prophets..Even in the old testament in the book pf Jerimiah 23 28 GOD said he dont like prophets because they lie..So why call yoself one.Todd is a good preacher so why not call himself a preacher or a pastor bishop..Anything but something GOD said he dont like.

  7. inobetterthanthis says:

    In 2004, at the New Greater Bethel Ministries church in NY, “Prophet” Todd Hall predicted that gospel singer Javen Campbell would marry his traveling assistant Lynn. Did Javen ever marry? Did Javen ever marry Lynn, in particular?

    (Traveling “Prophets” count on people forgetting what they predicted.) Someone, please advise if his prediction ever came true.

  8. jondough7777777 says:

    find the video on “leaders that dont worship”(by todd hall) watch it 1st. then watch this one and it should add a little context.

    this guy is the rawest ive heard in a long time!

    i gotta get this dvd

  9. 05Godschild says:

    This is GOOD!!

  10. shortbiggie317 says:

    prosperity preaching at its best

  11. Kasoni300 says:

    Where can i follow the hole sermon on this i didnt gett it all.

  12. magicalfingers33 says:

    got to listen to the whole messege

  13. CIBmime says:


  14. professor1966 says:

    This is a very thinly-veiled slam on all of the Prosperity Preachers; the ones who look into the camera surrounded by all their worldly possessions telling me that “God wants ME to be rich!”

    Hall hits the nail on the head when he talked about the Clampetts keeping their old truck because they wanted to “keep something to remember where God has brought ‘em from!”

    Amen and Amen!! More power to you, Brother Todd!

  15. sophisticated1920 says:


  16. Ironhide12977 says:

    AMEN!! This is great!

  17. happilysaved93 says:

    Wait, did yawl see that leg when he said ‘ol jed’s a millionaire’? LoL! Get it prophet!

  18. jayzonas777 says:

    i totaly agree pawkid you are rich in wisdom

  19. joe3drums says:

    PREACH Precha!!

  20. recemo04 says:

    You missed it!!! If there can’t be any positive words to say about the message then what is the purpose of you viewing it? Or you viewing it to “spectate” or to celebrate?? Truely, Todd Hall is a Prophet of God!!!

  21. selfexplanitory says:

    Find it and post it….

  22. MykeGT says:

    It sounded good and all, but what was the scriptural basis for this???

  23. noblewiz says:

    No, tygra813 that is symbolic of when Peter was preaching and as the anointing flowed the people laid all they had at the feet of the prophet

  24. selfexplanitory says:

    Keep something to REMEMBER where God has brought us from! Yeah!!!! When you’re Blessed by God, You dont CHANGE!

  25. DonteCarroll says:

    god spoke 2 him at the end cause he looked up

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