Shine Jesus Shine – Music Video

Shine Jesus Shine – Music Video
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  1. jsmetalcore says:

    @penpen125 lol christians say everything is from satan, dude if satan was real your religion would be his religion since its the most volient religion in history, also how is not having a imginary friend make me retarded? because you havent proved to me that he exist and i proved to you its a copy off of the persian mythology so when you come up with evidence show me because i can disprove it with theology

  2. penpen125 says:

    @jsmetalcore lol I’m still studying and I have more experiences than you because you’re such a retarted and mental half-wit. I don’t want to learn about atheism because I also don’t want to learn more about Satan’s organization and also Satan by itself.

  3. jsmetalcore says:

    @penpen125 lol im the one with the low iq your the one with a imginary friend, actually atheist have high morals and wouldnt see and kill and still as much as a religious person, learn about atheism, anyway your just a uneducated ignorant christian that doesnt know shit just like most christians enjoy worshiping nothing, btw when atheist do something bad we live with it we dont just confes it and make ourselfs fill better like what you do so we r already better people than u

  4. penpen125 says:

    @jsmetalcore The reason why I didn’t respond back immeadiately is because I’m thinking if I need to talk to people who have a low IQ like you. You also said that atheism is the most peaceful ?!?! If there’s no religion then people of the Earth would have the freedom to do bad things like to kill or steal etc. because they don’t have the fear to be punished.

  5. GarryW05 says:

    what really pisses me off is that so many christian have non-believing friends. i dont think god would want us to socialise with the enemy. non-christians are hellbound and so are the? christians who ascociate with them.

    also, as a creationist it surprises me that christians never attack science anymore. do christians suddenly believe in evolution, dinosaurs, gravity, a round earth etc? sorry for the rant but its hard to find any true christians these days.

    thanks for reading

  6. aidzdonie says:

    I love and I like this song so much .

  7. Kute305 says:

    I am back again, I LOVE this song so much,
    Thank you for posting lyrics also,
    That was really awesome!!! Just beautiful.
    This song truly blesses the soul.
    Shine on the world Jesus!! Amen!
    A sister in Christ, Sherry :)

  8. rebeccaharper2009 says:

    This was one of the first songs I sang at a camp back in ’99, when I finally learned more about Jehovah and Jesus’ power to save. Why can’t we learn to accept each other for who we are? I understand some will believe, some will not, and some are still in limbo…but we cannot FORCE someone to believe–we can give them the Word, share the Word…but let’s give Jesus the credit in bringing someone to knowing HIM :)

  9. sad4409 says:


  10. figgie49 says:

    Does it honestly matter what we each think? There’s going to be Christians with different views, people who don’t believe in God at all, and people who believe in a different God or Gods! We all know that, do we all need to express it in such a way that it gets everyones back up? IT’s not like it’s new news everytime someone says oh this is a load of rubbish the same as when someone says God is awesome. People this is how anger fills the world by everyone not considering each other!

  11. unknownchallenges says:

    oh grow up and look at things with out the “need” for bigotory

  12. jsmetalcore says:

    @penpen125 how do u say that evil and atheist are the same, atheism is the most peaceful because its not a religion and people havent been killed in the name of it like christianity, christianity is evil and i have evidence supporting that it is evil and wtf you didnt win the debate you didnt respond back, you were just pissed off that i disproved that a single god cannot exist and i proved it with theology

  13. HOLDTHAPHONE says:

    I love you Zeus

  14. penpen125 says:

    @jsmetalcore Please, Stay away from this video and never come back here anymore for God doesn’t want his loyal servants to be distracted by an enemy.
    We don’t like evil or atheists here. We want a peace comments here, I don’t want to argue anymore cause I know that I won the debate.


    THY right hand, O LORD, is become glorious in power: THY right hand, O LORD, HATH dashed in pieces the enemy. exodus:15:6. Thank YOU KING JESUS. Amen.

  16. 34woody34 says:

    I must be one of the few people who have not come here to talk about religion. I’ve come here because i think this is a great song!

  17. jsmetalcore says:

    @jeoshpernic2003 no thats y im an atheist

  18. jeoshpernic2003 says:

    @jsmetalcore. you plainly believe in myths? May God bless u always.

  19. jsmetalcore says:

    @IITreesII shit dude my bad i missed the real main god his name is Ahura Mazda i missed it when i was reading through the gods, i just got confused because one god is good and the other is evil and they have been fighting for enternity but Angra Mainyu is still known as satan is i guess christian mythology, theres a lot of perisan gods and some of the have enemys so its confusing lol

  20. jsmetalcore says:

    @IITreesII what country r u from? and ok, also it disproves a single god because its the main root of judaism, also look into proto-indo-iranan mythology because thats older than perisan mythology, also hopefully it wont turn you into a polytheist because even i cant disprove it because polytheism was world wide and monotheism started in the middle east and it formed off of polytheism, btw i dont study astronomy and biology, im an atheist that speciallizes in theology lol

  21. IITreesII says:

    @jsmetalcore Unfortunately what you’ve said is quite true =(! A vast majority of people simply say they are Christian because they prayed one prayer in their life, or because their pastor told them they were Christian. In a sense they give us a bad rep for being bloodthirsty and aggressive, like you said. You know, Persian mythology does sound quite cool–I’d be sure to check it out soon =O!

  22. jsmetalcore says:

    @IITreesII i guess majoirty of the christians in the united states areant true chrisitans than because they are all bloodthristy lol, also look into perisan mythology you will like it a lot because you like demons, angels, and fallen angels

  23. IITreesII says:

    @jsmetalcore Okay you gotta read my points more carefully. I don’t know persian mythology so I’m totally clueless on that front; but as I’ve said previously, bloodthirsty Christians are NOT Christians. I therefore don’t really understand what you mean by “there are no real christians”. How can there be no real Christians when I, along with others, are learning and practicing it? I feel that although you seem reasonably learned in Persian mythology, you don’t really understand us enough yet.

  24. jsmetalcore says:

    @IITreesII hey dude my bad satan isnt known as peris in persian mythology its Angra Mainyu and the main god/holy spirit is Spenta Mainyu and the persians mythology is 3500 years old and judaism is around 3000 year old but judaism copied perisan mythology so therefore there is no single god btw im still learning perisan mythology, dude christians are as volient as? muslims and in those terms there are no real christians and also jesus is just a? myth and everything he did is a myth

  25. 1922cook says:

    i love this song 2

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