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Chris Quilala singing “I Exalt Thee” from the “Your Love Never Fails” CD/DVD, available on jesusculture.com. This DVD was recorded live at a Jesus Culture Conference in Redding, CA. The mp3 is available at iTunes by searching for “Your Love Never Fails”. W/M Pete Sanchez Jr. © 1977 Pete Sanchez Jr. All rights admin. by Gabriel Music Recording/Video ©2008 Jesus Culture Music Jesus Culture is ministry of Bethel Church in Redding Ca. jesusculture.com ibethel.org
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25 Responses to I Exalt Thee -Chris Quilala / Jesus Culture

  1. ILikeJas says:

    6:15 gives me shivers! what an amazing blessing from God

  2. RooirokUSA says:

    May the Lord bless you. Thank you for being ambassadors for Christ and lift His Name on high. HE IS, Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

  3. acousticpraise2911 says:

    awesome video!!! we are playing this tomorrow for youth

  4. richkief says:

    6:30 is probably one of the best moments in this album. Kim’s words are very powerful. I love how she really puts passsion into worship.

  5. KevesGaelle says:

    How it must touch the heart of God to see His people so hungry for Him and exalting Him from all their heart!

    Yes Sweet Jesus its because You are sooooo worthy! You deserve the best for You’ve already gave us Your best…Your life! <3

  6. crazyazn4christ says:

    so cool! my professor wrote this song, so blessed to be under his current teaching and wisdom!!!

  7. KB200887 says:

    I keep telling our worship leader to do this version cause u cannot deny the anointing of these words. God bless everyone who reads this. You are loved by the most high God(:

  8. luisarguedas says:

    love this song!!!!

  9. ajromo1990 says:

    I never knew how powerful this song was until I heard this version.. God is awesome! and Jesus Culture you’re blessed by this amazing God that we serve.. =D

  10. mikebarnes1976 says:

    a great example bringing the former and latter together!! a updated version of a great hymn

  11. psycorick says:

    I cant believe I am just now hearing this awesome music. God does truly know what we need when we need it.

  12. Carlo11111974 says:

    I am South African and very proud that my country is hosting the soccer world cup, and successfully so, yet in all the hype of games being played and fanatic support, there is a bigger stage, where life and death are realities, the choices of life and death, accept or deny the death of our Saviour, to gain life, and surrender the here and now.. by grace.

  13. odude86 says:

    DUDE is playing a guitar with a violin thingy! WWWOOOOOOOOWWWW!

  14. SuperEmiemis says:

    I knew this song in Portuguese and it always brings me the Presence of God. This version in English is amazing =D
    P.S.: Quilala is a blessing and he has an anointed voice!

  15. JasperNLeonce says:

    yes god!!!! i exalt you!!

  16. tham2891 says:

    @Passion4Rock88 God dwells in the praises of His people. He said draw near to Him and He would draw near to us.

  17. Passion4Rock88 says:

    does this make anyone else cry?

  18. smileyg777 says:

    What a Blessing!!

  19. Edub2cf says:


  20. BreeBreeBabiie says:

    kims spontaneous worship was on FIRE !

  21. bernaacha says:


  22. MattOrtega says:


  23. OhMyLantaCousins says:

    @reneelz95 i am a teenager, and when i sang along with our worship team at church to the old hymns i didnt feel quite connected to god and i always felt like my relationship should be so much deeper, i just didnt know how to make that step, but we had a worship leader who visited and he sang a lot of jesus culture and similar music. i was shown a whole new style of worship and i was so overwhelmed with the presence of god, it truly changed the way i will look at worship, forever.

  24. damnedgeneration says:


  25. pastorgeorgem says:

    PRAISE GOD KEEP IT in Christ For He Is Exalted Above All

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