Crochet Geek – Crochet Earring 3 – Paula

Crochet Earring 3 – Paula Written Instructions Crochet Blog – The Art of Crochet by Teresa This is a video tutorial for a crochet earring Paula. You will also find written and symbol instructions on my crochet blog. The Art of Crochet by Teresa
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10 Responses to Crochet Geek – Crochet Earring 3 – Paula

  1. tjw1963 says:

    @maltesergr8 Thank you very much!!

  2. maltesergr8 says:

    I enjoy all your tutorials, especially this one… Very delicate earrings!

    Thank you, Teresa for ALL the hard work you put into your tutes, they help me out immensely!!

    I have to honestly say that your crochet tutorials are the absolute best… *BAR-NONE*!!

  3. krukka says:

    Love all your videos… they helped me freshen up my crochet-skill over one year ago :) Thank you so much Teresa… keep up the good work girl!

  4. tjw1963 says:

    @laurabenavidez Thank you, I appreciate the comment,

  5. laurabenavidez says:

    I love all of your tutorials, how did it take me so long to find you. Thanks for everything Teresa.

  6. tjw1963 says:

    @Christopherslady Working with thread is not as hard as it looks.

  7. Christopherslady says:

    that’s lovely! I know the stitches are all simple stitches,but I think the tiny lacey look makes it look harder than it is! Thanks for sharing!

  8. lucysmith1988 says:

    Two best things in the world for me
    1. — 21st century cheapest shopping website
    2. above video —- the best/fun video maker :D

  9. thomasmccarty09 says:


  10. urmymom1 says:

    Omg how can you see the stitches????? I tried a little thicker string and gave up. This even with my reading glasses. Lol. I have to say I’m impressed!!!!!!!

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